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One month in and I am getting FIT!!!

What a shocking statement… I promised I wouldn’t turn into fitness bridal barbie and guess what – the fear of fitting into the dress has ushered in a frantic get fit quick routine! No doubt you will see me power walking the coastal route from Bangor to Helen’s Bay and if so – say hi!!! Being encouraged by my friendly PT also helps…anyone interested in going from sofa to sweating should def check out Michael at Live Life NI! He is hardcore – but lovely with it!

So, 10 weeks to go then! Along side getting fit I have also been eating well(ummm..’better’ is maybe a more accurate way of describing it)! And right enough the skin is loving being reintroduced to vegetables, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice! Have knocked the ready meals on the head and living off cereal bars and coffee during the day is also a thing of the past! The problem is you have to be organised and I do struggle with forward planning and prepping! Week 2 and I am still enthused – normally such notions only get to day 2 let alone 2 weeks!

From a beauty perspective I am also really looking after my skin! lots of body oils and exfoliation is key to smooth skin that takes a spray tan well – i do not want any dry bits (cause that’s how patches happen!).

A facial once is a month is always my standard but in the last month I intend to do 2 – the Vital Elastine is still my fave! The exfoliation just is like NOTHING I have ever had in any other facial and leaving the mask on at the end and washing off the next day is genius – your skin feels like velvet and the tone is so much improved!

Mum is having a course of 4 Vital Elastine facials in one month. Have seen AMAZING results so far and she is only on her 2nd! I am sure she wont mind but the photo posted is of her post facial no 1 and 2.











So to review – its not all about how you look – its about how you feel! I want to feel happy, healthy and ready for some post wedding chilling on the H moon!!! 🙂