News & Updates

Write it and they will come…

It all seemed so easy, just add a wee blog post every week and the crowds will gather and wonder at your genius! No surprise, I’m not a genius and in the midst of all the makeup and massage time gets away with you and quite often when you do finally get a moment you can’t think of anything that anyone would ever want to read.

So I thought I would just give you all a wee update on what’s going on at DHMB.

Over the summer it is M A D.  We are flat out and working super hard to get everyone ready for all their summer adventures.  This month the very lovely Jess started at DHMB, you will meet her in reception and she will be the voice you often will hear answering the phone.    We are so delighted that Jess has joined the team, already I can feel the stress melt away as things become more organised and her design skills are going to be set to good use with a few changes in the salon too.

In other news, we have a new makeup range and oh my goodness is it gorgeous!!!? Yes!! Everything about Delilah is totally my kind of thing, beautiful makeup, beautiful packaging, stunning quality.  We will have a launch night coming up…oh, there’s another thing I could blog about.   We will have a Delilah make over competition coming up in the Autumn in prep for our launch night!



Oh and I also spent a little bit of time trying to tidy up the website, so ‘Meet Debs’ and ‘Meet the team’ has finally made it to 2016!

So, after a long blogging break there’s a wee bit of biz and it won’t be long until my next one! Promise!

Debs 🙂