Meet Deborah

Hi!  I was reading the little bit about me recently in this section of the website and I thought, it doesn’t sound much like me.  Someone else kindly had put pen to paper when we were designing the website and although it was factually all correct, it seemed to be missing something!  Having tried to rewrite it a few times in the 3rd person I decided, less of that – more of me!

I love what I do, I love the beautiful salon we have in Helen’s Bay but more than that, I love my clients.  It is a special, trusted relationship that is built and is treasured.  From 2005 when I went out on my own to this very day I still value my clients above all.   I always want to help people find a place that is still, peaceful and gives them an increased sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Outside of DHMB I love my wee life.  I live in Bangor with Andrew and we have Jenson, the golden cocker!  My family are so important to me, without my Mum and Dad I wouldn’t be where I am and without Roz I really wouldn’t know where I was at – as she is my best friend and book keeper!

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, I never dreamed of being a beauty therapist or owning a salon but life has taken me down so many roads that have been both blessed and of course, at times hard.

I am so grateful to all the wonderful people who have been faithful to me, believed in me and supported the venture to Helen’s Bay.  Clients, friends and family – Thank you.  You are the reason I do what I do.

Debs x